I can’t believe it’s been a year! A year since I first started this page, with the intention of documenting the journey along the Camino de Santiago. Well life happens and things don’t always turn out the way you planned. Yes, we did walk the Camino! But life did not allow me the energy to blog it everyday.

It was extraordinary though! My oldest daughter, Amber, and I pushed my youngest daughter, Willow, in a jogging stroller across Spain on the Camino de Santiago Frances. Amber had just graduated high school and it was a trip we had talked about for many years. I wasn’t about to let the fact that I had a 16 month old baby get in the way of that! So we decided to take her with us! The journey was racked with pain in so many ways. It was a difficult task to push a baby in a huge stroller up mountains, which wasn’t even the hardest part of it. My daughters boyfriend of two years decided it was a good time to break things off with her, which made for a lot of crying and sobbing throughout the trip. But all of that aside, it was an amazing trip where we met some fantastic people we call friends and memories that will stay with us forever. Despite the hardships of it, I am thinking about doing another with my other daughters! If you were interested in this blog for the Camino with kids, I did post pictures through out our journey on my Facebook page with the same name “Camino Babies”. You can find it at

So What Next?!!

I currently homeschool my two middle daughters and have been dreaming of world schooling for a couple of years now. We are finally going to make it a reality!!  Maybe this fits under the “Are you crazy?!” category also…maybe…possibly…probably!!  All I know is I have LOVED the idea of it and apparently many others do too since it’s an actual thing and LOTS of people do it!!  So I guess this blog will turn into a little record of our big adventures.  We just put our house up for sale and I’ve started to plan what comes next.  As of this minute, I’m not sure!  So stay tuned!  Going back to Europe is high on the list, but I’m just not sure where we will start.  I know I will plan another Camino trip in the future, when my husband can go as well.